1 - Check your email settings

When signed in, click on your name in the top bar to go to your profile page. Under the 'Settings' tab, check that you have ticked the relevant boxes for the emails that you want to receive.

2 - Check your spam folder

Sometimes, your email client may incorrectly mark emails from GovernorHub as spam. It's worth checking your spam/junk folder to make sure our emails haven't been filtered into there. 

To prevent emails from going to your spam folder, see step 3 below.

3 - Add GovernorHub to your contacts or Safe Senders list

To make sure GovernorHub emails aren't blocked or filtered into your spam folder, add our email addresses to your email contacts or Safe Senders list. The email addresses to add are:

How to add email addresses to Safe Senders list in Outlook

4 - Check with your IT provider

If the above solutions haven't worked and you're still not receiving emails from us, it would be worth getting in touch with the IT provider for your email address. 

We often find that GovernorHub emails are blocked for people with school email addresses (e.g. yourname@schoolname.sch.uk) due to strict email firewall settings. Your IT provider should be able to whitelist GovernorHub emails to allow them to get through to you.

5 - Get in touch with GovernorHub support

If you've tried all the steps above and still aren't receiving GovernorHub emails, get in touch with us via the blue circle in the bottom right corner of the site, or email support@governorhub.com.

6. Not receiving replies from our help desk?

If you're not receiving replies from our help desk, you may need to add this email address to your Safe Senders list or contacts.


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