GovernorHub is a web-based application, which means it may be filtered through a firewall on your work or school network. 

If you are having trouble with GovernorHub, the configuration of your work/school's firewall may need to be updated to allow GovernorHub data to pass through it.

How to know if you're experiencing a firewall problem

Some symptoms of firewall issues include:

  • seeing a 'This site is not secure' error

  • the website not loading

  • not being able to sign in

  • your washing line or other sections not loading properly (e.g. a spinning 'loading' wheel that never stops)

  • document previews not loading

  • updates to your board (e.g. giving someone a role) not 'sticking' - i.e. it looks like the change was made but then it reverts back

  • images not displaying properly

What to do if you think you're experiencing a firewall problem

If you are seeing any of the problems described above, it would be worth asking the IT people at your work/school to ensure that the following domains are whitelisted on the network:


  • all subdomains of (*


  • all subdomains of *

  • all subdomains of *

  • all subdomains of *

  • all subdomains of *

  •, ¬†, and


To ensure all emails from GovernorHub are allowed through a firewall, please make sure these emails addresses are whitelisted too:

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