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You can track roles in GovernorHub very easily, and once you've set them up they look like this:

The Clerk, Chair and Vice Chair are special roles which appear in orange. The other roles you set up yourself and they appear in blue. The Admin role indicates whether that person is an admin for your board.

To manage your board's roles, go to the Roles tab as shown below.

To add a new role

To add new roles, simply type in the "Add new role" box and click on the Add new role button. You can then assign that to someone on your governing body by clicking the + button and then typing in their name.

The Chair, Vice Chair and Clerk roles are special in that only one person can have that role at a time. To change who has this role (e.g. who is the Chair) - click on the edit button (below) and type the name of the new person for the role.

To take a role away from someone

To take a role away from someone, simply click on the x which appears next to their name.

To remove a role altogether

To remove roles from your governing body, click on the x on the right hand side of the screen next to the role.

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