If you've been trying to sign into GovernorHub but get the message that your email address isn't registered on the system then this could be for a number of reasons.

  1. You've been signed up for GovernorHub under a different email address. Do you have multiple email addresses? Could you have been added to GovernorHub under a different one? Also some email providers have multiple domains (the bit after the @ symbol), for example Gmail addresses work with either example@gmail.com or example@googlemail.com.

  2. Your governing body has been signed up for GovernorHub but you have not yet been added. If you think your governing body is signed up with GovernorHub then please visit https://governorhub.com/signup and put in your details.

  3. Your governing body is not yet signed up with GovernorHub. If this is the case (or you're not sure) then please visit https://governorhub.com/signup. You'll be able to check if your school is signed up and if not you can sign up instantly.

If you're still not sure, or just want to talk to us then you can email us at support@governorhub.com - or just click on the little blue circle in the bottom right of this screen!

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