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How GovernorHub stores and secures your data
How GovernorHub stores and secures your data
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The operators of GovernorHub, Ortoo Technologies Ltd, use sub-processors to provide data centre and infrastructure services as follows: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Object Rocket / Rackspace. GovernorHub processing takes place in sub-processor data centres within the European Economic Area (EEA) in Dublin, South Wales and London. Our data centre providers, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Rackspace all hold ISO27001 certification (copies of which can be provided on demand). 

Data within the GovernorHub system is encrypted during transit using TLS/HTTPS and is encrypted at rest in our database. Access to the infrastructure, including access and audit logs is limited to GovernorHub developers. Underlying operating systems and container images are regularly updated in accordance with supplier recommendations.

Backups are maintained through daily snapshots of the database, which are periodically tested for recovery. Additionally we take copies of database changes which can be used for more fine grained recovery and instant recovery. The recovery processes are periodically tested.

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