What is GovernorHub Knowledge?

The Key for School Governors is to be renamed GovernorHub Knowledge on 1 Jan 2023

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On 1 January 2023, The Key for School Governors will be renamed 'GovernorHub Knowledge'.

Nothing will change, apart from the name - so you can expect to find the same expert advice, guidance and training as you do currently on the website.

Why is the name changing?

GovernorHub became part of The Key in May 2020, and we've been working closely together ever since to support great governance on school and trust governing boards.

Members of The Key for School Governors have access to GovernorHub as part of their subscription, however we’ve learnt that having 2 different names involved in 1 subscription can get confusing.

So we’re bringing them together in name - and eventually we’ll bring them a little closer together technically, too, to make it even easier to get the relevant expert advice and guidance for your particular role and setting from within GovernorHub.

Exactly what will change?

On 1 January 2023, we’ll change the name of The Key for School Governors to ‘GovernorHub Knowledge’. Nothing else will change.

Your login won't be affected and our members will still have access to the same expert advice, guidance and training as before - but you’ll notice that the name on the website and on articles has changed.

Will I need to change my login or email address?

Logins won't be affected and existing members of The Key for School Governors will still have access to the same expert advice, guidance and training as before, using their existing contact details.

My school has other services from The Key. Does this change this affect my membership?

If you subscribe to any of The Key's membership tiers, such as The Key Leaders, Leaders+ or Whole School - these won't be affected.

It simply means a change in wording:

  • A subscription to The Key for School Governors becomes a subscription to GovernorHub Knowledge

  • The Key Governance is now made up of GovernorHub and GovernorHub Knowledge (as opposed to GovernorHub and The Key for School Governors)

Does my board need to do anything?

Nope. The good news is that you don't need to do anything at all. You will notice the new name on the website and on articles, but other than that, you can carry on as you were before!

I have GovernorHub on its own. Will I have to buy GovernorHub Knowledge?

Again, no. It will still be possible to have a subscription to GovernorHub on its own - that will not change. However, there will be an option for GovernorHub users to upgrade to a subscription including GovernorHub Knowledge, if that’s of interest.

What should I do if my board wants to upgrade to GovernorHub Knowledge?

You may be able to buy an upgraded subscription through your local authority or wherever your board gets its GovernorHub package from - so contacting them is a good place to start. If you'd like to buy directly from GovernorHub, you can contact us at support@governorhub.com

Is GovernorHub Knowledge still part of The Key?

Yes, very much so. This change is simply a change in name from The Key for School Governors to GovernorHub Knowledge, for the reasons outlined above under ‘Why is the name changing?’. Everything else stays the same.

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