GovernorHub joined The Key in April 2020.

We wrote about why and how we hope this will lead to better support for governors in our blog.

As it stands

If your board subscribes to both GovernorHub and The Key for School Governors, you will still need to pay for two separate subscriptions.

This may change in the future.

Our first integration

But already, we have made life a bit easier for subscribers of both who will now see a new icon on their GovernorHub washing line for The Key.

Clicking on the icon will take you directly to The Key's website, without needing to sign in again.

This means you only need to remember your GovernorHub login details to access both websites (phew!).

As new governors join your board you can also just add them on to GovernorHub - you don’t separately need to add them to The Key for School Governors.

It works the other way too - you can use GovernorHub to login to The Key's website with the new "Log in with GovernorHub" option.

If you are a member of multiple boards and would like to know which one(s) subscribes to The Key for School Governors, you can ping them an email at

We hope to offer even more handy integrations in the future and we'll make sure to keep you posted.

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